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Brand book creation

Brand book creation is mostly demanded by medium and large companies, that adhere to international standards of corporate style implementation. Small local companies, generally find satisfaction in logo design services. A brandbook serves as a comprehensive guide to presenting a brand's corporate style, providing detailed rules for the usage of design elements.  It is often regarded as the style passport of an established company and holds the status of an official document.

The brand book includes the following components:

  1. Brand concept and philosophy,
  2. Logo and its detailed description,
  3. Slogan and fonts used in textual content,
  4. Guide with examples on how to utilize design elements,

The creation of a logo as the first step

Creating a logo is the first practical step in the process of developing a brandbook. The logo plays a significant role in shaping brand perception, since it serves as the visual design element that people associate with and use to recognize the brand. In simpler terms, if someone doesn't understand or dislike your logo, it is likely that they won't have a positive opinion about your product or service either. It’s indeed a controversial and often debated topic how a good, beautiful and impressive logo should look. If you are planning to create your own logo, you definitely had tried to generate free logo with AI or tried or innovate other talented work. But the experience shows that:

  • Whether it's a good logo or a bad one can only be determined over a period of time.
  • The perception of the logo is directly related to the success of the company (remember Nike);
  • The perception of a logo is highly subjective, it can be liked by numerous specialists while not being accepted by the client.

Requirements and rules

The brandbook specifies the options for utilizing the logo, the rules of their use on different levels.  For example,  how the logo can be used, how it cannot be used, the required amount of free space around the logo, and the rules to be followed during printing.

The rules for applying a color palette are also highly significant, as they greatly influence how people perceive your brand.  Therefore, when choosing colors, it is important to consider the emotions and thoughts you wish to convey to people. For example, vibrant colors like red, yellow, and orange evoke a sense of energy and joy. While Cold colors such as blue and green convey a feeling of calmness and trust.

It is important to keep in mind that no rule is fixed and inviolable. For instance, in the past, black was considered forbidden for food branding and primary color usage in packaging. However, today, classic black is actively used in food packaging as a symbol of luxury.

Font and font sizes

The font and size of letters can also convey a positive mood or have a negative effect on people. For example,  if the full name of a company is displayed in a disproportionately small font within a logo, it can be unreadable on some surfaces, which can result a negative sentiment towards the brand.

The brand book typically includes information about the usable fonts, providing details about them, guidelines for the usage of  regular, bold, italic versions of the fonts in brand design elements. The brandbook may also outline recommended sizes of letters for various applications and what kind of usage are generally forbidden. For example, the Google search engine “recommends” that the font size of websites should not be smaller than the 16px (12pt) standard for grid screens.

Examples or mockups

Mock-ups are realistic examples in graphic design. They involve placing design elements onto corresponding products or packaging using image modeling programs. Mock-ups provide a visual representation of how the design will appear to users or customers, aiding in the evaluation of the final design's overall appearance.

Brand book creation

Order a brand book

Cost of creating from 1,000$

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