About us

Astudio web company builds and grows e-commerce platforms, business websites, web portals, and startups from scratch. Building a website from scratch means being away from operating problems, have quality code, high-speed performance, usability, high security, and fast working resource. By cooperating with us you get long-term solutions.

Client-focused approach

Substantially, business evolvement implies decision-making based on an assessment of risks and changes.

  1. Before Commencement of the project we actively listen to client's demands, and by focusing on their answers to "the business evolvement goals" issues, we get to the bottom of the business' needs. We discuss every demanded feature, and then our experts based on their experience offer more effective solutions.
  2. Then we compile the technical requirement document, divide the work into stages, present it to the client, and immediately after it approves by PRD we start working on the project implementation․
  3. Throughout the work, our support team stays in touch with the customer, discussing current changes, considerations, recommendations for improvements. Simply we conduct smooth negotiations, to make our partner 100% satisfied of its choice-decision.
  4. After compilation of web platforms, we make a presentation, get acquainted with the tools, CMS structure, and terms of use.

Development workflow

  • Compilation of the project's technical description(or TOR): To get an expected result it must be easily manageable, and ensure necessary business tools. The resource should be designed and developed according to pre-agreed requirements, without making changes before production.
    By listening to your wishes, perspectives, and goals for the resource, we present an optimal project, taking into account not only financial abilities but also we try to find affordable tools.
  • Custom web design: We give creative solutions instead of buying templates or copying others' work. In the first stage of the work, we present few design versions, by presenting its advantages and limitations.
  • We develop from scratch: HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, SQL, MVC, node.js, Python.
    We use the latest technologies and solutions. Our projects have been successful worldwide, in the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia and, etc.
  • Creation of fully manageable sites: This means that the client or representative can manage and edit information on the site, without the intervention of the developer. We provide a wide range of tools, to keep away our clients from further maintenance outcomes.
  • Content creation and filling: At the development stage we compile texts according to promotion rules: We create texts that aim to solve user's problems, by resulting in search engines ranking them higher.
  • Site security: The most popular websites built on well-researched CMS templates are the most vulnerable ones. “Limitations” and “factory” defects make websites sensitive. That is why we have adopted a “clean coding” policy, we keep things simple.

Astudio web company

Web companies trying to attract the attention of customers, usually point out their advantages over competitors by slandering partners. We do not intend to irritate competitors, every company has a short or long-term life in the market.
We just indicate the general principles that every customer should take into account when choosing a company to cooperate with.

  1. Pay attention to candidate companies' experience, activity and, specialization
  2. Learn companies' portfolios
  3. Make sure the sites are designed for the partners shown
  4. Make sure that shown sites are implemented by the candidate company.


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