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Internet advertising services

You have an existing business, competitive prices, quality service, even your own website, but sales are not satisfying. This means that you ignored the need for advertising campaigns. “There is no money for advertising,” entrepreneurs often make excuses. There is no advertising budget, you won’t find interested visitors, and as a result, there will be no calls or sales. This results in a closed circuit. To solve the problem, you either have to use different types of online advertising, or to get traffic from search engines, engage in website SEO promotion. To develop your business, the Astudio company in Armenia offers services for setting up and maintaining online advertising (Internet advertising services).

  • Online advertising ensures an increase in views of your offers;
  • Views lead to increased interest;
  • An interested visitor studies and compares your offers with competitors;
  • If offers and prices are competitive, the number of calls and letters increases;
  • Subject to correct service of requests, you will receive an order or a visitor to an offline store;
  • If you have a website, you will receive orders and sales as a result of clicks from advertisements.

To properly organize online advertising, you need to create a description of the target audience, the consumer of your product or service. Based on the data received, we compile a list of relevant media platforms and targeting parameters.

Types of online advertising

Types and tools of online advertising are divided into several groups and used according to the chosen strategy, budget amount, and features of the advertised product. Advertising on social networks is more in demand in Armenia. Astudio company can organize campaigns and support on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin

Search engines deserve special attention. In particular, various methods of paid promotion in Google Ads and Yandex Direct:

  • Text ads in Google search engine;
  • Dynamic ads in Google and in the affiliate network;
  • Search campaign with telephone number advertising;
  • Display Network Campaigns;
  • Video advertising campaigns (in particular, we are considering Youtube);
  • Advertising campaigns for hotels;
  • Product advertising tools;
  • Video advertising in Yandex Direct
  • Text and graphic advertisements on the Yandex site;
  • Local advertising on Google Business, Yandex Business maps.

By ordering online advertising from Astudio, you receive comprehensive solutions, including the creation of a promo-website or landing page development, constant monitoring, support, consultation and weekly reports.

Internet advertising services

Order online advertising

Monthly payment from 250$

The cost of services for setting up and maintaining online advertising depends on the types of advertising campaigns, budget size, number of media platforms and other requirements. We organize the work in three stages: preparation, organization of the campaigns themselves, support.

  1. We divide the budget by platforms and types of advertising;
  2. We fill in brand information in Google Business, Yandex Business;
  3. We make the initial settings of the cabinets;
  4. Setting up targeting conditions;
  5. When doing search advertising, we create keywords;
  6. We create groups and advertisements;
  7. We create the design of visual materials;
  8. We organize advertising display and support;
  9. We service letters and comments.

You can order online advertising in Armenia from 100 thousand drams. The starting price includes the cost of setup and support at two sites. That is, the customer provides the advertising budget separately. Costs for displaying ads are not included in the monthly fee. The minimum contract period is 6 months.
Attention! We do not provide services for online casinos, 18+ content, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and services/products that violate the laws of the Republic of Armenia.