Stationery store

Online stationery store development

We designed an online marketplace for the "Karandash" stationery store. The interface of the website has colorful attributes which encourage users with positive thoughts, as well as take actions to make purchases easily without being confused or getting bored.

The platform has a fully manageable CMS, search functionality, a shopping cart, where the visitor can review the items before buying them, a personal account with a purchase archive & delivery also, and a calculation mechanism. To get real-time managerial balance, price, and discount information we integrated the 1C accounting system.

  • Creation date: 2017
  • Development period: 60 days
  • Website type: online shop
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, Yii
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Right choice of company

Right choice of company

The development workflow requires attention to detail. Choosing a good, well-experienced company for the realization of your project might be hard, it is necessary to learn the studio's portfolio, its reputation, reviews, etc.

Shopping cart

The product detail webpages of the take up all the screen space. Each product has a title, ID, description, ability to add a picture as much as needed, shopping cart and the number of selective buttons, the color, and other filters.

Shopping cart
Mobile version

Mobile version

For the mobile version of the online store development of this website, we used HTML, CSS languages. Here, in mobile, the menu functional, the appearance of the product card, and the catalog are designed differently. 

Mobile version of the online store

Does your company need this type of website? Send your application, we'll contact you to discuss the details of the project, estimate the cost, and start implementation of the project in the shortest possible time.

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Wholesale e-stores

In comparison with online stores, wholesale e-stores have functional differences. 

  1. In case of quantity selection by item, the minimum order factor
  2. Item or package choice functional
  3. Functional for balance synchronization, real-time updates
  4. Functional for Limitation of the minimum amount of trade, etc.

In wholesale stores, providing a good UX is more important than images of products, detailed descriptions. Especially you need to:

  • Pay attention to the convenience of usability of the mobile version
  • Discount functional
  • Purchase confirmation functional
  • Notification system integration

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