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Site-catalog of alcoholic beverages

Catalog of beverages website. The purpose of this website is the proper presentation of beverages. The catalog has a complex front (adoptive) and customized CMS. After building a website, we filled in graphical and informative content. 

  • Creation date: 2014
  • Development period: 40 days
  • Website type: catalog website
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Graphical content

Graphical content

Building a customized site on credit is a way of mutually beneficial cooperation from scratch. The client receives a clean programmed resource, complex services without additional investments. Once the site is ready, we start promoting the platform by advertising the customer's services and products to potential customers.

Product catalog

Web development and promotion in Search engines are the main activities of the Astudio company. 
Our principal approach is hand-coding. We do not use ready-made templates in our projects. This method ensures information security and allows us to make the client independent of possible code updates, licenses, and paid modules.

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Product catalog
Mobile website
Mobile version of the portal

Mobile version

The mobile version of the site is developed using Bootstrap technology.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version of the portal

Site maintenance services

Astudio web development company provides maintenance service basically for free. According to the contract for each completed project we maintenance service is on us for 1-2 years, plus paid additional services, such as

  1. Content writing service
  2. Internal SEO
  3. Promotion with keywords

Above mentioned service's prices will be counted upon the working hours.

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.



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