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As app development is a fast-growing industry, in the case of some projects having their apps are a necessity, especially for startups. 
We can develop the website and based on it make an application for cross-platform tech use. But also we can develop through native languages (coded in a language that's supported natively by a specific device's operating system).

Types of Mobile Apps

  1. The web applications replicate the mobile version of the site. The functional solutions are limited. The application is being developed by HTML and JavaScript languages.
  2. Native applications (programming from scratch for Android, iOS, and Windows operation systems) developed by the latest technologies.
    For iOS, we use Objective-C or Swift. And for Android, we can use Kotlin instead of Java.
  3. Hybrid apps are a blend, hence the name hybrid, of both native and web solutions. Those are uploading in Appstore or GooglePlay, and have iOS, and often contain a native structure. Mainly the companies and developers perform both type of apps prefer Hybrid ones.
    There will be no need for building two separate codes for iOS and Android because of the code's common functionality. React Native framework is a very handy tool not only for multifunctional web projects, but also it allows developing mobile applications in a short time. The best thing about native applications is the functionality speed, UI, and the positive feedbacks

Application development Process:

  • Discussion over an idea
    At this phase an app idea becomes definite and turns to an actual project. Planning and analyzing starts with defining the use cases and capturing detailed functional requirements. To make the right roadmap creating a technical description and attach it to the contract.
  • Design
    We make a responsive design of all pages of an application. At this stage, our primary goal is to make the user’s experience great and satisfy customer’s use because it will ultimately help to increase the number of users of an application.
  • Programming
    The development process consists of some phases. At each phase you get the results of work, so, you can have the control of the work.
  • Testing
    After the done work, we test the already developed webpage according to the technical description. We fix all possible bugs or errors at this stage.
    By installing an application in several devices, the software works as it would work in real regime․
  • Publication
    After the client's confirmation of the service, we take the next step: delivering an application on AppStore & GooglePlay. Before every delivery, it is being also checked by google and Apple specialists. Google takes 1-2 days and an Apple about a week. 

How much does it cost to build an app?

The development of a mobile application is up to several factors

  • Type of an application
  • Technologies
  • Languages
  • Business requirement
  • Design complexity

But most important is time, spent on development. For applications, 1 working hour is 30 USD.

App development

Webview application development cost

From 1,000$$

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