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Development of an Online Supermarket

Development of an online supermarket

This platform is developed based on customized design, according to brand book requirements.
To make an easily manageable system for this platform, we have developed customized CMS from scratch, based on technical specification, adopted with project concept and usability terms. Without CMS, it could mean trawling through hundreds of pages, making changes on each one.

After completing the development, we plan to integrate API-s for payments, attach appropriate software to get necessary information in real-time, making handier the order exchanges to accounting software.

  • Creation date: 2021
  • Development period: 60 days
  • Website type: online shop
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Laravel7
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Laravel CMS

Laravel CMS

Laravel CMS is one of the best frameworks for building e-stores, also considered one of the most economical platforms. As far as, the performance and scalability are concerned, the platform tops over other frameworks. It is handy for API integrations and resists high traffic. It is essential to have a framework that is failsafe. With Laravel, developers get the flexibility to use relevant codes and create structures to make the website truly foolproof.

We use Laravel for a long in building complex projects. And still, we do not use a standard Laravel management system, but we develop from scratch. For each project, we create Technical specifications based on project features and the client's requirements. Basic management system functionals are developed by separate modules.
On the alpha testing stage, we activate the resource and, start working on the additional features and modules.

Accounting system integration

In the development of trading platforms, accounting systems are essential, it is a necessity not only for the optimization process of much accounting work but, also it gives many benefits across the order-taking process.

  • The benefits of Accounting systems integration are.
  • Saved time spent on the manually order-taking process,
  • Unique opportunity to download orders and card payments.
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Accounting system integration
Mobile website
PWA technologies

PWA technologies

We started using Progressive web technologies this year. Our developers are keen to develop using these new technologies to improve visitors' experience providing faster, and quality access to the web application.

PWA is a new technology, and its popularity raised in the past couple of years. PWA is safe, so the connections between the server, user, and app are secured against the third side.

Mobile website 2
Progressive Web Application

Web development services

We perform web development services in Armenia since 2009:
From 2011 we started our career in a Russian market, acquiring partners in the US & Europe. Then, we opened a permanent branch in Kazakhstan and, just in a few years, we captured a dominant share of the IT market.

We adhere to our cooperative principles, which are guidelines of our values.

  1. CMS from scratch
  2. Transparent pricing policy
  3. Taking responsibility for our mistakes.

We use the most popular programming languages, technologies, and frameworks

  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript,
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Ajax
  • Custom PHP
  • MVC Laravel
  • Python
  • Node.js, Angular.js

We choose the technology/language according to the client's needs and requirements, project's complexity & budget.

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.



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