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Online shop “Laura”

We have developed this online store from scratch. This specialized hairdressing tools e-commerce platform has full functionality. All of the necessary components and modules such as sales, bonuses, sale archives, filters, and search engines are developed from scratch. We have integrated Visa and Master payment providers. After a long term of cooperation, our partner decided to redesign the website, by the integration of new technological solutions, so we have started the new programming resource.

You can see the website design here

  • Creation date: 2021 (previous one in 2012)
  • Development period: 60 days
  • Website type: online shop
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, MVC Laravel
Websites pages
Online catalog

Online catalog

Online catalogs create an inspirational, content-rich experience that helps businesses build interest amongst online visitors and make them more likely to follow through on a purchase. So, making the smoothest experience was a priority goal, it includes fast load speeds, good responsive design, mobile-friendliness, handy filter systems, easy color selection, basket, and “favorites” modules. We had a few versions of filter design, taking into account Usability technics we decided to make pop-ups basket clicks, so the visitor can easily select the colors, product amount, and fill the basket with selected products.

Product page

On the product page, a content manager can easily add a name, IDs, images, descriptions, etc. Here on the client-side, the user gets all the necessary details about the product, such as the color available amount of the product.
Visitors can easily notice customized sales on product cards. The user can also select/unselect the product, then send it to the bucket.

The structure of a webpage, optimization, and light loads are important in optimization with low-frequency words. The thing is that the number of searches with unusual names is always less. Because less searched words have not a competition in Search Engines, and by using them is much easier to get results, without additional costs. As a result, you will get less traffic by requests on brand product names, but more sales.

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Product page
Mobile website
PWA web application

PWA web application

Except for mobile applications, we plan to invest in PWA (Progressive web applications) web app. We have tried so only on our corporate site.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version

Online sales shops

Online stores became trendy for businesses around the world since 2020. 
As a result of the epidemic-induced restrictions, no one disputes the positive impact of online stores on business development. Now is the time to think not only about the Internet shop but also about gaining advantages over competitors. If in the case of an offline store, the location of an area, its size, a repair could be used to attract a customer, then in an e-commerce case the market dictates totally different rules with a wide range of competitors. it is important to make convenient tools, good performance, a user-friendly interface. 

There are several resources that online shops should have to be competitive in the market

  1. Presentability, error-free resource
  2.  Availability of a comfortable mobile version
  3. Full range of products, attractive product images, with a compact description
  4. Fast processing of received orders and On-time delivery
  5. Availability of online payment and introduction 
  6. Individual discounts, accumulative system. 
  7. Website SEO optimization and promotion in search engines Introduction of the latest e-commerce practices. 

By providing these conditions, the online store can effectively compete with even larger offline outlets, saving a lot of costs.

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