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New danger in domain zones

In the early stages, the biggest problems were resellers, who were registering names of well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Kodac, Nike, Mosfilm, and were selling it to the real owners. 
Now, the world is facing another danger. In the international market, fraudsters are registering trademarks to take away the names of advanced, well-known domains.

For example, a popular online store that has great success and is well-advertised, without a trademark registration, may lose its owner. And someone can register a trademark containing the site address in their name and own the domain. So he can sell the trademark for the real domain owner, be careful.

How to register a domain?

How to register a domain corresponding to your brand or business area? If your business is spread only along with your local market, you need to choose a domain in the appropriate territory .com, .kz, .ph, .hay When registering a local domain, search engines immediately understand the affiliation of the country, and in case of a request from the given country, or other equal conditions, gives an advantage to so.

  • If you are tended to register, it is preferable to pay for a few years
  • It is necessary to provide the registrars with proper data and e-mail

International domains

The choice is more difficult when creating a website for an international or regional business. In the CIS region, the choice is mainly on the .ru domain, the American .com.
There are many popular sites with a “.net” and “.org”, so, your website will probably do better if it has a “.com” extension. 

  1. Shorter is better.
  2. Make domain that does not need spelling explanation!
  3. It must be easy to pronounce, easy to share the name by "word of mouth" so that willl make easier to remember.
  4. Stay away from names that have already trademarks

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