Website by installments

Website by installments

Installment payment terms

For corporate sites

  1. TOR (PRD) compilation
  2. Mockup & logo design
  3. CMS from scratch
  4. Development for mobile version
  5. Content creation
  6. Internal SEO
  7. Technical support and maintenance

Prepayment: 1/7 from the total amount. The rest amount will be divided into 6 months equally.

For e-commerce platforms

  1. TOR (PRD) compilation
  2. Mockup design
  3. Logo and brand book design
  4. CMS from scratch 
  5. Development for mobile screen resolutions
  6. Payment integration
  7. Product upload through automation
  8. Internal SEO
  9. Technical maintenance

Prepayment: 1/10 from the total amount. The rest amount will be divided into 6 months equally.

Astudio offers to build a website in installment payments. 
Website in installment is a perfect way to raise the company to a new level, by easy monthly payments. The cost of the development service will not be changed, as if the website you ordered and paid for the development of the site entirely, upon the completion of the entire service. After the determined cost, we divide the cost into 6-12 parts based on the contract and start processing the project realization. After site activation, the client will be carried on paying for the services monthly.

By ordering a website in the monthly payment you get a complex package of services, saving a considerable budget on SEO. Usually, web companies, when receiving a website order, are responsible only for the development, and the other problems are either solved by the client or ordered by a separate contract. We include all the necessary services in one contract.

  • Custom web design 
  • Development from scratch
  • Content creation
  • Domain & hosting
  • Internal SEO
  • Warranty & maintenance

The result of ordering a credit site

  • By outsourcing your project realization from a company you greatly reduce the cost. You don’t have to pay for taxes, licenses, and other charges that come with it. On top of that, you can have a clear vision of your expenses, and control your costs. Website Design tailored to your brand. Templates and themes are incommodious.
  • You get an exclusive original design, individual control panel according to the needs and requirements of your business․ There is no need to resort to cheap solutions due to the lack of budget.
  • You get a complete website, internal optimization, basic settings for contextual advertising, technical support, that is, all the necessary services under one contract․
  • Ordering a website on credit allows you to save on service as well. You get this service for free during the whole monthly payment period
  • Payment on a monthly basis is a quality guarantee.

Getting payments on a monthly basis are beneficial for both clients and suppliers.
As a result of installment payments, companies get financial stability and long-term partnership, by another hand it makes suppliers manage their work more responsibly. 
For us, this is not only a marketing tool, but also an opportunity to be in constant contact with the client.
In the case of online business startups (portals), business automation & CRM systems, mobile applications, Astudio facilitates making payments possible within 12 months. In the case of such orders, we discuss the terms individually.

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