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Marketplace development in Armenia. In this article we tell you how to develop a marketplace from scratch. Such trading platforms require not only knowledge of a specific programming language. It is necessary to be familiar with the market, with the work of large sites, with successful stories and correct examples. Also, to develop a trading platform, you need to find a team that acts synchronously and smoothly, with a project manager who knows the intricacies of the requirements for marketplaces, has started and completed similar projects from scratch, and has made and corrected inevitable mistakes. If you ignore the team's experience factor, you will inevitably become a guinea pig.

The price of developing a marketplace is the first information that interests potential customers. But in order to understand the objective answer to the question “how much does it cost to create a marketplace”, you must first have an idea of the requirements for such a large-scale development.

  1. It is necessary to decide on the issue of choosing an experienced team;
  2. Study the strengths and weaknesses of the work of potential performers;
  3. Together with the team, decide on the type of site, business model, main functions;
  4. Identify the minimum technical requirements, technologies and programming languages;
  5. It is necessary to draw up technical specifications and divide the work into stages;
  6. After this, you can calculate the cost of the project based on the golden mean of specialist-person costs-price;
  7. After calculating the budget, draw up an agreement with legal guarantees and protection of the interests of both parties.

Who should you trust to develop a marketplace?

You can't save money here. You can entrust the renovation of a small apartment to a trusted contractor without experience and, by controlling the entire process, get a good result. But you cannot entrust the construction of a high-rise building to a team without experience in large-scale construction, resources, equipment and professional specialists on staff. The Astudio team has solid experience in developing trading platforms. We created 9 identical projects from scratch, the first of which was in 2014, and the last is now at the programming stage.

Our expertise includes not only the organization of programming work, but also the design of business processes, planning, startup support and technical support for site partners. From the first business discussion, you will be convinced that we have studied in detail the nuances of organizing a marketplace business, pitfalls, features of working with partner stores, organizing logistics, data processing, financial settlements and ensuring security. We will help:

  • Choose a marketplace business model, talking about the strengths and weaknesses of each;
  • Develop a management strategy and policy for presenting the business to end users;
  • Establish automation of processes with partner sellers;
  • Based on the business model, draw up a complete technical specification and documentation;
  • Create the design of all website pages, personal accounts of sellers and buyers (ui/ux);
  • Divide the programming process into clear and logical steps to implement functionality step by step;
  • Plan not only the development budget, but also promotion and maintenance costs;
  • Minimize the human factor in the combat mode of the project and save staff time.

How much does it cost to develop a marketplace?

How much does it cost to develop a marketplace? In order for you to be able to calculate not only the cost of developing a marketplace website, but also the costs of creating the entire infrastructure, you need to divide the investment required by the business into parts:

  1. Preparatory work;
  2. Work on the creation (development) of a marketplace;
  3. Maintenance costs;
  4. SEO, SMM promotion, advertising budget;
  5. Personnel serving business processes;
  6. Logistics and delivery;
  7. Attracting partner stores and mutual settlements;

Since calls and questions from potential customers primarily relate to the listed 2nd point, we will save your time. The cost of creating a marketplace at Astudio starts from $25,000. The price, depending on the technical requirements, business model and selected functions, can increase up to twentyfold. And this is the price of developing and activating a resource from scratch, without ongoing maintenance, promotion and advertising budget.

Marketplace development

How to create a marketplace?

From 26,000$

To order the development of a marketplace, you can fill out the form below. We will discuss the project, business model, tell you how to open a marketplace, and make a price offer. The published preliminary price includes all the necessary work to start a business:

  • Branding and author's web design;
  • Preparation of technical specifications (PRD);
  • Frontend and backend programming;
  • Server settings;
  • Testing and filling the official part of the portal;
  • Internal SEO optimization for search engines;
  • Support on promotion and marketing issues;
  • Warranty period – 5 years.