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CRM software development

CRM software development and business automatization:

CRM tools enable businesses to streamline productivity by optimizing sales, and marketing strategies, save the budget spent on business management and up-selling as well as capitalizing on customer-related data and analytics.

CRM's return on investment

As a result of process automation, development of tools for the manager, introduction of control mechanisms, you get the following:

  1. Improvement of managers work quality by 40-50%
  2. Reduced time spent on job management on 5x3.
  3. Save company's manager time/reduced financial losses
  4. Wage fund savings

Crisis and high competition make CMEs think about optimization and investment of customer relationship systems. Well, entrepreneurs are trying to find ready templates, but the licenses and development of new individual tools for customized projects are more expensive than business automatization from scratch.

We offer complete service which includes not only web development service but also customized management systems, CRM programs, working through Web-interface, and business automatization.

Ready templates or custom CRM?

Thousands of companies sale ready CRM solutions, with monthly or annual payments. It's better to build a CRM from scratch than to use a ready-made product. Because creating an appropriate business plan is more logical than the opposite. That means that we create a special system for your business automatization and management.

  • Business research
  • Creation of technical specification of your project automatization
  • CRM model
  • CRM development from scratch
  • Copyright handover
  • Warranty service: 1year
CRM software development

Order a CRM program

Average price 20,000$

We develop CRM programs from data management to data calculation module development. CRMs are needed for those companies whose business process automation requirements do not fit within the scope of the existing CRMs, or those who want to pay once and get rid of the monthly payments for every client.

We develop customer relationship management systems for the following fields:

  1. Customer database management
  2. Product management
  3. Organizing, developing & analyzing online trade
  4. Freight management counters
  5. Management of educational institutions
  6. Agricultural data management
  7. Calculation of menu cost prices and income
  8. Oil companies automatization
  9. Management of real estate databases brokers
  10. Management of trading process.

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