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Travel portal development

In this project, we have developed a complex of rich-feature solutions. With an appropriate system that makes agencies' services work smoothly, and managers work easier. The website has flexible CMS tools, so an administrator can easily add travel sections, subsections, tours, and rich-tools content editing panel. This project is special for our team because we proceeded with the development process during the epidemic. It is known that the epidemic, quarantines, and restrictions, first of all, hit the tourism sector. Many companies have ceased operations or closed. In this difficult period, launched such a risky business, which deserves respect and attention.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Creation date: 2020
  • Development period: 40 days
  • Website type: business portal
Websites pages
Structure of the website

Structure of the website

The technical requirements for the development of these kinds of projects are completely different from standard shops or corporate websites. They have a technically more complex structure. Usually, the travel portal's PRD requires a well-thought-out structure that will not only be convenient for the customer but also will not take much time to saturate and manage the content.
Creating a travel portal by using free templates can not be justified because if it is based on WordPress, Joomla CMS will cause problems due to plugins, licenses, etc.

CMS panel

Our company develops travel portals from scratch. As a result, the structure of our admins allows us to use all the editing tools modules for content. In this portal, the administrator can add tour destinations, tour packages and manage all the content.

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CMS panel
Mobile website
Mobile version of the travel site

Mobile version

Having a mobile app for a travel portal is a comprehensive tool for the business upstanding in the market. The mobile version of the travel website should have a user-friendly mobile version, as most of the portal visits in this field are visiting from smartphones.

Mobile website 2
Travel site

Travel portal website requirments

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