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Creation of a travel website

Travel website development

The website has a custom Content management system, designed from scratch, opportunity of creating tours, destination system, and online counters. We have integrated the site into the b2b systems of several global partners: Hotelbeds, Bokun, Aviasales, etc.
We are still cooperating with our partner, and for now, we are working on changes to carry on the development of the project.

  • Creation date: 2019
  • Development period: 180 days
  • Website type: business portal
  • Technologies and languages: MVC Laravel, Rest API development
Websites pages
Ticket search

Ticket search

For the searches and sales first, we joined the portal to the Aviasales system. The disadvantage of the system is that when the customer wants to buy a ticket, is directed to the operator's page, and the platform receives only interest from the sale, without having management access to prices, announcements, and management of the main design of the interface.
To further improve the portal, we planned to connect Amadeus E-Power Web Services, which will allow full management of the displayed ads, prices, design, payments, and display e-tickets in the personal portal of the travel portal.

Hotel search

The white label system from Aviasales was used to search & book a hotel on the portals. And the alternative was to merge it with, which pays 3% of sales as a partner but eventually our partners decided to integrate the APB's global booking giant, the hotel reservation giant BBB. We have carried out the integration in 2 stages, passing the inspection of the operator's specialists & full certification.

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Hotel search
Mobile website
Mobile version of the portal

Mobile version of the portal

The existence of the mobile version in this industry is a high necessity. We used Bootstrap 4.1․, and later we plan to design a mobile version of the portal.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version of the portal

Travel portal development

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