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Metal industry catalog website

Metal industry catalog website

The website has a catalog for products and services. In the CMS department, we created a spreadsheet file that allows the content manager to bulk upload thousands of items to the catalog at once. Also from the CMS, the content writer has full access to content management.

  • Creation date: 2020
  • Development period: 40 days
  • Website type: catalog website
  • Technologies and languages: HTML, CSS, Laravel
Websites pages
Catalog sections and webpages

Catalog sections and webpages

The catalog sections and web pages have lots of levels. An administrator has the opportunity of creating sections, subsections, add items to them, create several category levels, and sort products by categories.
For "building materials" we highlighted the ability of product demonstration and management tools.

Website functional

The functional of the catalog website should give complete fast access to an administrator, so that would be easy for mentioned above manage the website on a really easy way, 
The most advantageous part of scratch development is that makes it possible to fulfill customers' requirements.

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Website functional
Mobile website
Mobile version

Mobile version

Rapid technological development leads to increasing market competition, visitors seek more convenient and easy-to-use products because the first condition of the customer is convenience. The more convenient the product, the longer the visitor will stay on the site.
So nowadays for each e-commerce business, it is necessary to provide an easy-to-use website, your level of convenience will make the client decide to use your or not.

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Mobile catalog

Catalog website development

We offer individual catalog sites for manufacturers. Such kinds of platforms will not only allow presenting and positively advertising a manufacturer’s products but also simplify the process of accepting and processing orders. We make catalog sites for companies working in different fields, each with its functional solutions. 

  1.  Agricultural producers 
  2. Construction and repair site web-catalogs
  3. Portfolio for photographers, media producers, etc.

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