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Budan is a manufacturing company, Astudio has designed and developed the Manufacturer's corporate website
When designing, we focused on attracting users with the functional simplicity of the site. Our goal is to create an interface for users that will help them quickly understand the essence of business․ The design keeps the balance between creativity and functionality, by pushing limits and making contributions.
The admin control panel allows an administrator to manage all pages, edit content, categories, news, create galleries &, etc.

  • Creation date: 2019
  • Development period: 30 days
  • Website type: business site
  • Technologies and languages: HTML, CSS, PHP CodeIgniter
Websites pages
CMS of the website

CMS of the website

The pages of the site have a unified structure, which allows an administrator to easily manage the content, if necessary add sections and pages from the system, edit texts, banners, galleries without special technical knowledge, or developer assistance.
When ordering a website, the customer is often concerned about resource management. Customers who have not dealt with this issue think that it will be necessary to hire an employee or pay permanently for changes. In the context of website development, when the developer uses templates, of course, such concerns are appropriate. 
We take care of this issue by providing the site management guideline to the client after the development, so even in a case when the client changes employees, there will be no need for re-explanations.

Product catalog

An accurate presentation of the product catalog plays a key role in attracting partners and customers. For this website, we have designed a mini-catalog with complete information about seeds and simple functions for orders.

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Product catalog
Mobile website
Mobile adaptation

Mobile adaptation

We usually use Bootstrap technology for mobile adaptations. Before development, we submit the design of the mobile version of the website to the customer for approval.

Mobile website 2

Custom website design and development

Why do you need to have a personal website? If there are enough funds to order an exclusive site, it does not mean that you need it. You need to answer a few questions before ordering a website.

  • There are types of business that assume short-term activity. In such cases, you need to order either a website on a template or order a landing.
  • If your business assumes a long-term solution, you can order a website to save money using the same templates, but in the future, in this case, you will have to contact the developer for the necessary updates or edits. In this case, the optimal solution is to develop a website from scratch, with an individual structure.
  • Note that websites, that are designed from scratch are more efficient and cheaper for SEO than websites that are developed by using templates. In Google TOP-10 results, you will rarely come across websites created on WordPress, Joomla templates.

If you value your own time, nerves & finances, and want to get long-term solutions, apply your project to a professional & experienced company.

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.



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