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McDonalds HR website and CRM development

We have implemented this landing page with a CRM system from scratch, using modern programming languages and technologies. The website allows to submit the vacancies of the company by cities and branches, and receive resumes.
The CMS has the function of adding managers according to their roles, also attaching to branches. The CRM system allows HR executives to manage thousands of resume databases, change their status, write comments, make interview invitations, and more.

  • Creation date: 2021
  • Development period: 40 days
  • Website type: landing page
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS, MVC Laravel, JS, jQuery
Websites pages
Resume receipt and management

Resume receipt and management

Resumes received through the website automatically are being attached to the HR employee in charge of the city or branch in the management system, the mentioned employee receives a notification about so.
Those HR's can see the resumes with data filled in by the authors of the resumes in their office, can edit the status of the resume, block the author or invite him/her for an interview.
The General Administrator can track the activity of all employees, see the results of their work, receive automated reports in real-time.

Data management

The CRM system allows to heading administrator to add other administrators, limit their operation in the system. That is, to make it possible for each HR manager to see and manage only resumes sent to work in the branch or city under his / her responsibility, manage them, add comments, etc.

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Data management
Mobile website
Mobile version of the site

Mobile version of the site

We developed the mobile version of the site by the pixel-perfect method. That means that the front part corresponds with corporate design to pixel accuracy.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version

Custom CRM development

Building custom CRM software allows getting the necessary tools for managing platforms' content.
When ordering e-CRM, you will get functionality based on your business requirements, plus, in the future, you will have an opportunity of adding software features over time, avoiding the obligation to purchase or extend licenses.

Advantages of custom CRM

  1. Optimized tools
  2. Clean management system
  3. Absence of license requirements
  4. Opportunity of adding new modules
  5. Opportunities of evolving the project
  6. Opportunity of API integrations
  7. Warranty for technical maintenance.

Building CRM from scratch is much expensive than renting ready-made templates because when ordering a custom CRM you are owning the whole software.

Disadvantages of CRM templates

  • Useless functions
  • Professional knowledge is necessary
  • Complex processes
  • Obligation of extending the license
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Data loss in a refusal case

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.



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