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Landing page development for sport club

Landing page development for sport club

Landing page development for a sports club. We developed the admin management system from scratch using modern technologies and tools. This system enables customers to add and edit content without requiring special knowledge.

In the medium and long term, creating landing pages from scratch ensures a high level of security, easy management, dynamism, and time savings when working with administrative tools.

  • Creation date: 2023
  • Development period: 20 days
  • Website type: landing page
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, JS, jQuery, MVC Laravel
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Landing management tools

Landing management tools

Landing management tools enable you to add new blocks to the website, incorporating an unlimited amount of information with a combination of images and text. Within the management system, a special section is provided for handling received applications, orders, and letter databases, and with status assignments tools .

It enables the analysis of application results, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and the impact of the content on visitors over time.

Providing additional information

Since the landing page is designed as a single-page website, there's often a problem fitting in additional information or using long texts. We have solved this issue by using a pop-up window that appears on the screen, which allows you to insert texts of unlimited length.

The media and blog sections also have the possibility of publishing an unlimited amount of content, which allows you to post and manage the order of materials by type.

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Presentation of additional information
Mobile website
Mobile version

Mobile version

When designing the mobile version, we take into account modern UI/UX requirements and trends. During the mobile design process, we prioritize simple navigation and the competent adaptation of components, even for the smallest screens.

Mobile website 2
Landing page mobile version

The purpose of creating landings

The objective of creating landing pages is to present essential information within the confines of a single page, aiming to capture visitors' attention towards ongoing promotions and offers. To accomplish this objective, experts recommend employing a clear landing structure algorithm:

  1. Slider with main title
  2. Brief presentation of services
  3. Presentation of advantages
  4. Attractive offer with discount or limited time
  5. Reviews or feedback from satisfied customers 
  6. Block of contact information.

Certainly, the mentioned structure can be adjusted based on the customer's preferences. While the landing page was initially crafted by experts as a marketing tool, it is also being developed as a budget-friendly platform for order processing. This versatile page enables the incorporation of additional sections in the future, as the business expands. So many companies can start their online business promotion  on the Internet right from the landing page:

  • Educational centers and schools
  • Medical institutions 
  • Services and construction
  • Sellers with limited stock.

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.



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