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Website development for the hotel

Website development for the Eria Suite hotel

Website development for the Eria Suite Hotel from scratch. For the customer, we created a custom web design, an administrator control panel (CMS), booking functionality and a personal account for programmer users from scratch, integrated pallet systems, filled out the pages and loaded the resource under a test address before the official opening.

  • Creation date: 2024
  • Development period: 60 days
  • Website type: business site
  • Technologies and languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, MVC Laravel
Websites pages
CRM for booking management

Hotel rooms and prices

Functionality for managing room types, adding room pages, and adjusting prices depending on the season are the basic requirements for online hotel platforms. In this site we not only created these tools. For the convenience of users, we have added a search engine, the ability to distribute visitors by room, adding the number of adults and children.

eCRM for booking management

eCRM for booking management is provided for data exchange with the site. As a result, bookings of occupied rooms are excluded. In the program, the administrator can assign busy days on the calendar, visually easily find free dates for each room, fill out and save visitor data for the archive, and get work analytics.

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CRM for booking management
Mobile website
Website mobile adaptation

Mobile adaptation

Mobile adaptation allows you to correctly display components, photos and page information on any screen.

Mobile website 2
Mobile adaptation

How to create a website for a hotel business?

How to create a website for a hotel, what functions are required and what modules are useful to have, but not required? If you are going to order a hotel website for the first time, choosing a contractor will not be easy. In this sense, there are two options:

  1. Contact a private freelancer
  2. Work with web studios

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.



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