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Creation of an online store

Creation of an online store of oils

The product catalog of the oil store's site allows adding stocks, sections, subsections, filters, and products. On the product page, it is possible to create additional pages, add video, images, more detailed descriptions, etc. The site also has an online shopping cart.

  • Creation date: 2017
  • Development period: 40 days
  • Website type: online shop
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, Yii
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Product catalog

Product catalog

The rapid development of internet technologies and internet business popularization impacts the requirement of customers. It is because the scope of the customer experience is changing.
Before the business owners wanted to have just a few web pages on the internet as a company's presence on the network, today a simple "business card" presence in the network can hardly attract any customer.

Product card

Most people think, that the most important is just having a website. The content and images are secondary because it is possible to copy from competitors or other websites.
Nowadays, copying content is the worse thing, because search engines punish copyright infringements of text materials, of the watermarks. Also, So after building a website, it is necessary to create unique content for SEO promotion.

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Product card
Mobile website
Mobile version

Mobile version

The Mobile version allows using all of the activities of the site from every type of device.

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How to gain customers' trust?

Customer trust is an essential factor in building a successful offline & online business. How can online stores gain the trust of buyers?
Have you ever wondered why customers switch to another brand? People prefer to buy from a well-known company. The buyer is convenient with the brands they have trust. That's why it's hard to make potential customers believe in a new brand, service, or any offers.

Why it is important to gain consumers' trust?

  1. It brings new consumers'
  2. Satisfied consumers become your "advocates"
  3. If they are happy, they will return

Ways to gain consumers' trust

  • Excellent service

The trust comes from the service quality, of course, high-quality service requires extra time & investment, but it brings positive feedback & additional income.

  • Transparency

The customer understands when you are honest and when you try to cover something. Do not cover your own mistakes, let your customers know how you are going to fix them. 

  • Keeping promises

Always do what you promised. Quality, in-time delivery services create a feeling of reliability. Always set real costs & avoid "hidden" payments.

  • Availability

Contact information should be visible from the main page of the online store. Provide contact information as much as possible. One of the best ways is to provide online chat on the site.

  • Following up on feedback

Statistics show that more than 82% of potential customers read the reviews before making a purchase decision. Especially in social networks, actively use commenting, stop avoiding criticism. Reviews make customers comfortable in purchasing a product.

  • Focus on the quality

Instead of thinking about dumping, discounts, savings, spend your energy on quality assurance. If the quality of services or products does not satisfy the customer, dumping will not save the business. The consumer will move to a better one.

  • Use social networks

More than 80% of online purchasing decisions are based on the opinions of social networks. If you want potential buyers to trust the online store, you need to interact with them. It is not necessary to turn on an ad that says nothing, organize a fake car raffle, or announce a 90% discount. Give all social media visitors what they need - it might be a piece of interesting information, problem-solving, positive energy post- readers will start advertising your business themselves.

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