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Design and development for Casadel - Online domestic goods store. The system includes a dynamic category/subcategory menu, filter settlement modules, manual and automatic product management system, 1C software integration, personal account, delivery price counters, online payment, and delivery status management possibilities.

  • Creation date: 2022
  • Development period: 120 days
  • Website type: online shop
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, JS, jQuery, MVC Laravel
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Product catalog

Product catalog

1C accounting software integration

In order to save time and operate an effective business, integration of accounting software has become a necessity for online stores with a wide range of product selections. Basically, such integrations are being processed on the accounting software side, through setting up a web server, and regular provision of necessary prices and stock counts. 
We prepare the web service, get nomenclature through given accesses, and apply the information to the appropriate URL address.

For orders and purchases, a reverse process is performed: the website sends the relevant information to software and command to print a cash register receipt.

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1C integration
Mobile website
Mobile version of the store

The mobile version of the website

The number of orders and purchases directly depends on the ease of use of the mobile versions. This is the reason our staff gathers user feedback, and client reviews analyze and fixes them.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version

E-commerce software integration

Software integration enables you to automate a variety of tasks, save labor time, ensure operational efficiency and avoid errors caused by the human factor.

What kinds of integrations an online store requires?

  1. For standard projects, it is common to use accounting software (in our local market 1C, AS, Haysell) 
  2. Integrations for payment and e-wallets like Visa, Master, Telcell․
  3. The simplest registration method uses auto-messages to authenticate the mobile phone number.
  4. It is also practical to utilize email delivery services like Mailchimp for auto-notifications.
  5. We set up e-CRM to maintain client bases and be used for marketing, either as an add-on service or integrated with a separate piece of software

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