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Our company has prepared a corporate website for a Kazakh holding. We agreed on the design in advance with the technical description: there is a control panel developed from scratch, which has all the necessary tools for content management. After the development, we filled the site with information and content and carried out the internal optimization. A friendly useful structure of the website allows the customer to manage all the content, create sections with different structures, pages in them, add texts, pictures, galleries, etc.

  • Creation date: 2019
  • Development period: 30 days
  • Website type: business site
  • Technologies and languages: HTML, CSS, PHP Codeigniter, Bootstrap, JS
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Websites pages
Administrative panel

Administrative panel

The CMS’s user-friendliness is not less important. The structure of the sections and blocks should be user-friendly, so the content manager can easily use it. It should be convenient for the content writer to do a minimum number of steps to perform or edit an action. This saves the manager's working time, which saves the client's finances.
In our projects, we use modules that make the process faster by easiness so the content manager saves huge time compared with work done via WordPress or anything

Structure of the sections

The section structure in the admin panel allows to manage information blocks separately, it is possible to upload sliders, add images, edit and remove content. 
The peculiarity of this website is that in CMS we have developed examples of several types of structure sections so an administrator can choose and use them according to expediency. Standard pages have a uniform structure. 
The peculiarity of this web site is that in CMS we have developed examples of several types of structure sections so an administrator can choose and use them according to expediency. Standard pages have uniform structure.

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Structure of the sections
Mobile website
Mobile version of the website

Mobile version

We got the adapted version for this project of mobile devices. Our team of professionals developed this project with a combination of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. 
All pages have been tested on different operating systems and browsers before the production.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version of the website

Business sites development from scratch

The development of the business sites is a necessity.
Just as etiquette requires having a business card in business meetings, business owners are now almost obliged to have so. It solves several problems:

  1. The presence of the site makes it serious in the eyes of colleagues
  2. Makes it possible to present the business to a wider range of consumers
  3. Properly written content keeps away unnecessary questions
  4. It’s a unique advertising tool.

The client should not fall behind the executor, control, ask, correct the mistakes of the latter, but should be engaged in the development of his own business, get a quality resource. Delays can happen to anyone. However, in such cases, we compensate the "guilt" by fine or overtime work.

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