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We provide VPS hosting services mainly to those clients who have ordered the platform in Astudio LLC. It helps to keep the quality of service at a high level, giving time only to long-term cooperation customers who prefer complex service.

There are two types of hosting providers.

  • Large local companies, that are mainly mobile or internet operators, having server pieces of equipment in the country. These providers sell hosting without maintenance, which in turn increases the cost of the rent due to current technical issues.
  • Hosting companies, basically web studios that rent server hardware, and provide high quality, with affordable prices and permanent technical maintenance.

What is maintenance and how do we do it?

As a definition of the term "maintenance" is to keep existing state and preserve it from failure. Maintenance should consist of actions taken to prevent equipment or facility from failing, keeping them in a good working state. It is carried out to keep systems running effectively, without failure.
Astudio belongs to the second group of hosting companies. That is, we do not have our server equipment physically located in Armenia, But instead, we have partnered with strong technical capabilities companies in the United States, Germany, and Kazakhstan, and rent server facilities. 

By providing hosting or domain to our customers, we take on the task of providing comprehensive technical support and ongoing support at no extra charge. That is if you have bought a domain or hosting from Astudio, we will configure domain DNS settings, corporate e-mails, hosting software for your site following the requirements, and place the website in the hosting domain.

  1. Domain placement
  2. DNS zone creation & configurations
  3. Configuring custom MX records
  4. Business Email integration
  5. Corporate Email creation & maintenance
  6. Inbox configurations
  7. VPS or hosting ensuring
  8. Hosting
  9. Website on hosting, domain activation
  10. Maintenance and archive duplication

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