Google algorithm updates

Google algorithm updates

Google has a new surprise for its users and SEO specialists. Google is changing its algorithm. The name of the new experiment assumes a better distribution algorithm & radically different from the old ones. The new method of ranking pages in the search engine will be based on the accuracy of the content. In the promotion process, reliable information will be valuable than the reference mass. Google has already published the theory of the algorithm. We will briefly tell you about the changes.

For several years, we have known that the position of pages in the Google search engine is determined by the mass of links. The first global change for promotion is that even quality links will not play a decisive role in the future. The content authenticity will be checked by combining the relevant materials from the "Information Storage" systems. In case of large overlaps, the content will be recognized as authentic. This means that Google will distribute the quality of the pages not in a classical way, but based on reliable facts in the text. The company said the algorithm had already been tested. Billions of texts have been checked for accuracy.

Let's take a look at how does it work now

PageRank (PR) - an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results, the last time was updated was in 2013.
In 2014, Google's experts announced that there was no need to wait for PR updates! After 2010, it became clear that original, high-quality texts, which are useful with the information they provide, will play a big role in website promotion. The actual algorithm update is the final step in these changes. Online resources must become the current intellectual product, and the text quality must be accompanied by reliability.

How to promote a website in a new reality? Today Google is checking the link factor for site distribution. The better the quality of the links, the closer the website is to the top 10. It turns out that we can pay for optimized texts that contain false information, buy quality links, promote the site with dozens of low-quality information. The new algorithm will fight against such advancement spam.

  • Instead of checking the quality and quantity of links, the algorithm will compare the right and wrong facts.
  • The source of facts for the algorithm will be the "Information Network".
  • Content effectiveness & behavioral factors will be topical

Google hints

Although Google changes and updates the Google can not completely refuse link distribution. It will take a long period to do so But employees should follow the rules and principles of content, from now on. Algorithm engineers assume that first knowledge-based trust algorithm will be used exclusively for specific resources, information platforms, Historical sites․ 

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