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SMM services in Armenia

In today's digital age, social media has a huge impact on consumer thinking. Professional SMM services (promotion) help promote and develop a business, making the most of the potential of social networks. This potential differs in each case of a specific site depending on the type of business and target audience. If in the case of selling clothes, the direction of primary interest is Instagram and advertising on this site, then in the case of local design and construction services, Pinterest and Google Business cannot be underestimated.

Astudio company in Armenia offers SMM services in relevant social networks and platforms that suit your business:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google Business
  6. Youtube
  7. Behance

In the case of each social network listed above, the SMM service (social media marketing) implies comprehensive measures that are aimed at your target audience. SMM helps to find out which products or services are more in demand, study the behavior of competitors, learn from mistakes, take an example from successful advertising companies, increase sales, applications, ensure stable activity, work on brand awareness, ensure high ROI, improve the quality of services based on reviews or goods.

SMM strategy

  • When ordering a service, before marketing actions, you receive an analysis of the brand, company, market, and together we create a description, interests and preferences of the target audience. After drawing up a portrait of the consumer, we select more suitable social platforms and methods of communication.
  • Based on the information collected, we select types of promotion and advertising, compose selling texts and offers, and calculate the advertising budget.
  • An important part of SMM services is the creation of unique, interesting content. This stage includes texts, photographs, media materials that match your brand style. The schedule for posting and displaying materials is planned based on the activity of your target audience in order to get maximum results in terms of impressions and leads.
  • An important result of SMM promotion is also considered to be the provision of traffic to your website. For a good result of such a strategy, it is necessary to maintain your website, periodically create and post useful content, share it on different platforms, provide reviews and comments, and engage visitors.

Working with potential clients

Responding to potential customers' comments, good or bad, is critical. It is at this stage that many companies lose their potential customers. As a result, spending the advertising budget does not produce results. For sales, dialogue with the client, working with objections, and competent responses are important. Regardless of who will provide SMM services, you must take into account and not repeat common mistakes on social networks:

  1. Ignoring letters and comments;
  2. Removing comments containing criticism;
  3. No prices;
  4. Answering public questions and requests by private message;
  5. Illiteracy and ignorance.

Many business owners promote their brand themselves. In any case, they are trying. Of course, SMM is an interesting business and can become a pleasant hobby for the owner. You yourself must decide whether it is more profitable to spend your time on SMM and leave other important tasks, or is it better to hire an SMM specialist and solve strategic issues yourself?

SMM services in Armenia

Order SMM promotion

Per month from 400$

Order SMM promotion in Armenia with a guarantee of positive results and attentive service. With us you will gain brand recognition, increase interest and, of course, save your time. The starting price includes promotion in 3 social platforms, without creating media content (photos, video materials are provided by the customer). The minimum contract period is 6 months.

  1. Strategy development and content plan;
  2. Creation of design packages and templates;
  3. Up to 16 posts, news, reels or stories per month;
  4. Processing of provided video and photographic materials;
  5. Message service;
  6. Service comment;
  7. Advertising budget distribution
  8. Advertising settings and support for online advertising.