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Website audit

The website audit Website Auditor digs diligently through your entire site to find and audit every resource. Scans HTML and other programming mistakes, titles, and meta descriptions optimized for a search query.
To put it simply, the auditor examines the web page from SE-s and visitors' eyes. A Site Audit involves a technical and visual review, inspection, analyze and conclusion.

Technical audit

Technical analysis is aimed for high-indexation of web pages, and code improvements by programming and Search Engine algorithms standards. The technical audit supposes quality inspection of HTML code, analysis of navigation problems, speed load of web pages, XML files, an inspection of disabled links, wrong adopted pages, etc.

Technical SEO analysis helps to clarify cross-browser performance.

Checking an internal optimization is a strategy for improving your site's rankings, by increasing SE trust. Search Engines see web pages differently (each SE has its way of indexation). The problem comes out with mismatches of SE algorithms and web pages.

The service includes the creation of a semantic core, (selection of keywords and placement). A lot of resources are programmed right and have unique texts, but they don't provide traffic with those. The creation of semantic core and right placement supposes low average and high-frequency keyword separation, heir placement without controversy. The Pyramid kind of page linking works with anchors. Without this complex operation, website promotion on SE-s is impossible.

Types of audits

  • Audit ratings: it is related to the final results of SEO services. Which is up to the right optimization, and recognition of individual web pages, their indexations, keywords., Visibility, citation indexes. After SEO audit, if the client uses our strategy and tactic tips, will see its rankings slowly climb to the top.
  • Usability audit. It is determining process of how quickly users can perform tasks after they familiarize themselves with the layout. Search Engines rank usability also based on how long a visitor stays on the site, the number of pages visitors view on a site, how long reads pages. Useful information, clear structure, use of experience, are the main factors that keep visitors on your site.
  • Marketing audit is a process of testing viability and competitiveness of online platforms and local markets, that is strongly correlated to promotion quality and usability factors. As a result, we give CMA (competitive market analyzes) problem-solving tips.

There are two versions of keyword promotion in SE-s. “Easy” method supposes promotion to top-10 by links. This method is prohibited and if the contraventions are found out by Search Engines, they will “punish” the website by de-indexing from the system. And the harder but safer method is website optimization according to visitors' interests and functions, and algorithm game laws.

Astudio is ready t not only to analyze the website, find out the errors, but also we do promote and increase ROI.

Website audit

Order website-audit

Cost from 200$$

The website audit is necessary if you intend to rank your website in Search Engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, Mail.ru) TOP-10 or eliminate errors. We completely check web pages of the site from Engines robots “eyes”, test the function as a visitor, and point out the mistakes. As the result of an audit, you get conclusions and advice, to help you optimize your website and increase usability. The conclusion document includes comments and tips on the following directions.

  1. HTML, CSS code optimization
  2. Correction of programming errors
  3. Loading time promotion
  4. Correction of mobile version errors
  5. Functional errors' correction
  6. Text and meta-teg optimization
  7. Rankings and competitors analysis
  8. Website promotion tips.

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