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Wholesale catalog site

Wholesale catalog site

Our team of developers has designed and developed a website for a wholesale company based in the USA. 
The platform is built through MVC technology. 
From the CMS panel, an administrator can create an unlimited number of products, add images, descriptions, set prices & parameters for each of them. The development workflow we divided into three stages. In the first stage, we worked on designing CMS from scratch, information pages, then on the catalog, and in the last stage, we have integrated the necessary tools and modules in the system.

  • Creation date: 2021
  • Development period: 20 days
  • Website type: catalog website
Websites pages
Product catalog

Product catalog

The product catalog section is built based on the Product requirement document. The client wanted to place all kinds of products in the same section. From the CMS it is possible to add unlimited numbers of products and edit them.

The "Contact us" section

For wholesalers, we have designed a feature called "Become a partner". Wholesalers can fill the corresponding blank and send their applications. So an administrator will be able to receive the applications, filter them, search by keywords or data.

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The "Contact us" section
Mobile website
Mobile version

Mobile version

The mobile version of the site is developed by Bootstrap technology. All of the pages are responsive.

Mobile website 2
Mobile website

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