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The purpose of this website of an insurance firm was to gain new customers and service automation.

We have designed an insurance agent's website from scratch, to make possible future improvements. The corporate part of the site is completely manageable by the admin system. An administrator can add insurance packages, can separate products by categories, assign prices, attach specific filters for each product and, etc. Also, there we added a calculator for each type of insurance. As a result, we provided a complete chain of customer service through the site, which includes

  • Package selection
  • Individual calculation
  • Selection
  • Electronic contract
  • Online payment
  • Package acquisition.

The platform also allows the customer to automate the registration of the documents, circulation, database management.

  • Creation date: 2019
  • Development period: 40 days
  • Website type: business portal
  • Technologies and languages: HTML, CSS Bootstrap, CodeIgniter

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Future of insurance services

Future of insurance services

Offering online services in this field provides optimal work, reduces customer service time. These kinds of portals allow optimizing extra costs, such as budget spent on employees, documentation &, etc.
Portals for insurance services are in high demand, because of the possibility of integration of additional services in a more easy way.

Online services

The range of online services available in this area is quite wide. From standard packages to complex cargo or health insurance. 
The online insurance platform allows to properly present existing packages, ensure calculations for visitors, so the users can easily find fitting insurance coverages and do necessary payments online.
An agent can see all the information without actually working. An insurance agent can have to oversee the system process, plus you can expand the company's business activities.

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Online service features
Mobile website
Mobile version

Mobile version

An interface of a mobile version of the website should be easier to use than a desktop. It is fact, that 60% of users leave the website because of the confusing layouts and overwhelming information. In Most essential part is the "personal cabinet", the feature should be maximal convenient because all the important activities such as payments & notifications seem there.
The user should not be confused about icons, buttons, and functionality, all the given information should be arranged properly so the visitor won't leave the site before getting what's needed.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version

Insurance company portal for agents

Our team is ready to prepare online insurance portals taking into account the individual requirements set by the customer. We can automate any operation, from selecting and selling policies to generating, sending, archiving accounting documents, and managing customer databases. 

Here are points that we pay attention, to and work on each project we take

  1. The company activities research
  2. Note-taking possible problems
  3. Justifications & solutions for existing problems
  4. Preparation of the process optimization program
  5. Workload separation of phases
  6. PRD & contract
  7. Completion of the project within the promised time

After the development of such complex portals, we give a contractual quality guarantee and provide free maintenance service for 24 months

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