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The development of an online fundraising platform for World Vision Armenia.
The main objective of this project was to provide its supporters with convenient tools to donate online. We spent a year developing the new version of the site from scratch to give its supporters user-friendly features. The platform has complex donation features, including sponsor-child, CRM-specific management tools, filters, internal chats, report generators, and campaign and sponsorship systems. The website ensures high-level security.
During the entire process, the most complex phase was moving databases from an old site to a new one because of inconsistencies between the two versions.

  • Creation date: 2022
  • Development period: 320 day
  • Website type: business portal
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, JS, jQuery, MVC Laravel
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Online donation page

The online donation system

The website provides administrators with tools to create and edit charity projects with the necessary budgets. Users can get acquainted with the details of the charity project, see the dynamics of collecting the estimated amount, and participate in fundraising.

The administrators also can create cards for children in need of sponsorship, for which registered users that applied to become a sponsor can give gifts or donate with a one-time or monthly automatic charge.

Portal management tools

In CMS it is possible to create new admin roles and add and edit permissions. Admins can add children in need of sponsorship, and create charity programs only for registered sponsors, manage all transactions and donations, chat conversations between children and sponsors, filter and export financial reports with dozens of parameters.

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Portal management tools
Mobile website
Mobile development

Mobile version of the portal

Our team carried out mobile development with close and thoughtful attention as these sorts of projects assume 60-plus percent mobile traffic. The complex functionality of the user profile for the mobile version emphasizes the importance of UX.

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Mobile pages

Key features of fundraising platforms

The main complexity of development fundraising platforms is to provide a high level of safety․ Such portals must combine security, high-level usability, and well-thought-out functionality.
A more complex version of huge fundraising portals is where the visitor is being able to create his charity project on the site after registration, to collect the necessary budget.

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