How to earn by referral programs

How to earn by referral programs

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Websites offering referral programs

  • Travel platforms allow cooperation with airline and hotel reservation platforms. For example, the Aviasales air ticket referral offers to share your revenue equally among all partners. Other operators pay 1-2.5% of sales., which currently accounts for 25% of the global market for hotels, offers its affiliates 25-40% of total revenue.
  • Online shops and other trading platforms: If you build a multi-profile trading platform or a small online store, fill the site with products, descriptions, get positive feedback, you will always be able to earn extra money by joining referrals or MLM programs of one or more international trading platforms.
  • Game information platforms: The most appealing conditions in the market of referral programs await gamers and connoisseurs of the gaming industry. By building computer game information websites, you will not only have the opportunity to earn money by ads, but also by attracting players, connect them to their passions through the content, and get the percentage of each purchase due to referral programs.

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