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An entrepreneur who wants to make money on the Internet through website or advertisement, usually faces the problem of choosing a programmer. How to choose a specialist or a web company, what will be the costs for the development and maintenance processes?

  • Development, Quality verification
  • Content filing
  • Optimization, promotion with keywords
  • Technical support, maintenance

Experience shows that the first mistake is insufficient funding. If you need a landing, you do not need a huge budget. And if you want to create a trading platform with 500$ budget, the it's better to not to start.

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The following tips will help you decide on a web company

  1. Scan the portfolio of the web studio. A normal company with one year of experience should have at least 10 ready-made websites. Do not allow yourself to use it only to gain experience.
  2. Choose a company based on feedbacks. You have to believe the response when you know the author personally.
  3. Once you’ve built a list of web development companies whose work you like, you can then reduce it down by digging a bit deeper.
  4. Discuss your brief thoroughly with candidate partners.
  5. Pick a company that’s available and relatable. It’s crucial you can speak to a named contact with the product owner or PM.

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