Website development and promotion

Website development and promotion

Website development and promotion is a thorough but creative work.
The promotion of a website begins at the stage of its development process. Basically, web companies don't take this point into account. We have the development process set up in such a way, so that from the beginning on, our SEO specialists configure and optimize the website modeling for further promotion in search engines.

Terms of website development

Website development terms are transparent with us. Astudio development company prepares a technical description for creating a website.
TOR (terms of reference) defines the purpose and structure of the project, it is a collection of committed wishes of the client, and the purpose is to accomplish a shared goal. Terms of reference show how the project in question will be defined, developed, and verified.

After mutual agreement, the technical task is approved by the customer. The layout of the pages is created on that basis. Model The technical task is considered an integral part of the contract. Web design quality, adaptive HTML programming are essential components of any website. In the end, the visitor first gets the visual impression. The designers of our company approach the work of each project in detail, investing all the skills and creative thinking to achieve maximum results. They develop an exceptionally unique design, without the use of ready-made templates. The key metrics of the hand-coded website are the following: 

  • Code reliability,
  • Maintainability,
  • Testability,
  • Portability, and reusability, etc

We determine the main direction of the resource, formulate the general concept of the resource, and then issues related to the functions, best suited to the needs of users. The programming is done from scratch without the use of ready-made CMS templates, which helps to ensure high-quality processing.

Quality of promotion services

Today, the internet is full of portals and E-commerce platforms. And the quality of promotion plays a key role because the unprofessional turnover can even bring loss. That is why it is necessary to turn to specialists to solve this problem. Astudio company is successfully promoting websites around the world. We guarantee a high quality of services to our customers.

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