Templete Vs. custom Website

Custom website vs Templete

Building a website might be compared with house building. Of course, you can buy an apartment in a high-rise building that was built decades ago, make cosmetic repairs, and live there. But if case you have a greater chance, you will want to build a house of your own free will, from design to renovation. 
Astudio develops unique websites, from TOR compilation to final production. We work individually and detailed at all stages.

Advantages of Developing a Website From Scratch

What are the differences between websites developed from scratch & ready-made templates? Why should you choose from the scratch build platform, instead of a free website with CMS (WordPress, Joomla)?
It allows you to fulfill your personal needs, create work following all the criteria of a specific business. Developing a website with a ready-made template forces you to change your ideas, and needs according to the possibilities of the template.
Many web companies perform web development without technical description (Terms of reference/TOR), result consumers getting inappropriate resources with its requirements. 

  1. Before the work starts, we study the sphere of the customer's activity, analyze the best results and examples of the work in the given direction. Then we compile the structure of the future website, write the technical task ourselves, and present it all in a simple way to the client.
  2. After TOR approval and signature we compile The mockup and start making the design. We never make customers choose the one version, we listen to the desires and realize processing or start again. The main problem is that the customers receive the desired design
  3. We develop a Content management system from scratch. The Client receives the CMS, which has all of the tools and possibilities for managing the whole site's concept and is free for future development and promotion.
  4. After the development, we check and verify fill in and edit given us information following the SEO requirements.

Website development from scratch simply means that the site must be meticulously constructed, and each function, tool, or module tool must be created from scratch, so it implies a lot of responsibility. Each module developed by hand-coding is much more expensive. But most people want to get a platform with a limited budget.

Do you want to create a new project? Let's discuss it. You will hear reasonable prices and realistic deadlines.


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