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Startup-portal development online business trading platform was developed by Astudio, from scratch (custom PHP). The platform is an advertising portal, site constructor, with the ability to create an online store.

  • Creation date: 2017
  • Development period: 180 days
  • Website type: business portal
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, custom PHP
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Target audience

Target audience

This trading platform is one of the most complex projects of Astudio. It is designed as a business development program with paid functionals, including an announcements-adding system, modules, and tools for business promotion, etc.

From the beginning out partner's team formed the main target audience image by paying attention to small and medium businesses and potential customers. As the workflow of the project was tended on business growth, it was necessary to make little investments o tools that would help to grow the business.  

The platform activities turned into a universal hypermarket. Users can easily add not only real estate announcements, but also car trade announcements, can present their services and activities, get orders, add other products put prices, and other activities. has a chat function, where the users can communicate with each other offering their service or product price.

Upcoming improvements will allow organizing the delivery of goods through an online calculator, the sale of goods on credit through API integration.  

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The platform activities
Mobile website
Mobile version of the portal

Mobile version

For the development of a mobile version of this project we used Bootstrap technology, all of the main pages, the cabinet, search system, advertisement configurations are managed by the user.

Mobile website 2
Mobile version

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