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Website for advocacy for our American partner. We designed this site using the Laravel library. The website has a personal library, law department working by RSS. An advocacy website has a universal management system, combining all kinds of tools, allowing to easily edit the content.

  • Creation date: 2021
  • Development period: 30 days
  • Website type: business site
  • Technologies and languages: HTML5, CSS3, Python, Django
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Design and HTML programming

Design and HTML programming

This website is designed and coded from scratch, constructed according to the client's requirements. After the compilation of the PR document, we start the web design process. 

Sometimes clients' lack of experience can affect the design, project, and even the business. In such cases, our professionals explain all of the possible negative consequences. We never challenge our client's ideas, because the project's features should serve from business perspectives.

Our built platforms perfectly work on all kinds of browsers. The adoptive HTML we implement using modern technologies․
The client does not need to know what adaptive HTML programming is. That's why we explain & present, and he checks. 
We are one of the best Web companies in the market, building CMS from scratch with our solutions.

Content filing

We fill 100% unique content according to SEO rules.
There are thousands of websites with perfect design & functional solutions out of SE rankings. Of course, the content should be written for the reader first and search engines second, for both is must be related to the business ideology because Search engines do not even scan unrelated wrong placed concepts.

For SEO promotion, we write unique texts where use the selected keywords as optimally as possible.
We check possible mistakes, but even professionally detailed code testing doesn't rule out the errors. But, correctly done testing assumes error exclusion.

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Content filing
Mobile website
Mobile version of the site

Mobile version of the site

Mobile website 2
Mobile version of the website

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